10 ways to celebrate Gregorian New Year in India


Wish you a very Happy new year to everyone! In India, there are different times and dates on which regional new year is celebrated. Among them, one is the Gregorian new year which is celebrated on January 1st every year. Here let’s see the 10 fun-loving ways to celebrate this new year in India.

1. Pick your Destiny: 

On the last day of the year, gather your friends or family folk with whom who want to celebrate the new year and ask them to play a game of destiny. Gather some coloured ribbons or handkerchiefs in a bowl and ask each member of your group to pick a colour by blindfolded. 

Each colour symbolizes a destiny like red for family, pink for love, Yellow for growth, green for money, blue for health, white for inner peace etc. Make sure there should be at least 6 colours which represent different aspects of life. The colour a person picks tells about their destiny for the rest of year. 

So, folks check your destiny!

2. Can you find your luck:

This is like a Greek tradition of luck. At the time of having a feast with your folks, secretly stuff a coin in sweets, cakes or snacks and if anyone gets that coin then announce them that they had found their luck for the rest of year.

Maybe luck becomes a good friend to them. Who knows!

3. Resolutions, Resolutions:

A new year without a resolution is not complete. Everyone has at least one resolution for a new year. Loudly announcing one’s resolution is a common tradition but some recent studies show that keeping our resolutions to our self makes more to practice and follow them. It is up to you to reveal or not but make this somewhat twisty. Let’s motivate ourselves to follow our resolutions throughout the year by having some funny bets. The motto is what you bet may be funny but winning the bet should be serious, positively.

4. Proudly announcing your achievements:

In a time period of 365 days, we may have achieved something. It may be a good thing done, a token of gratitude, a helping hand, completion of a goal etc. Share your top ten achievements with your near and dear. The achievements may be small or big but they should have inspired you and maybe they may inspire others in their life journey. So, start the list.

5. A simple prosperity ritual:

Welcome good luck and prosperity in the coming year by a simple ritual which is no harm to use. In some cultures, people throw money into the house the first time they enter after the new year has begun. If you’ll be staying at home on New Year’s Eve, go outside your front door for a minute after midnight and throw coins through the entryway. Bless them with all the qualities you want to bring in—joy, clarity, success, and good health. Leave them there for 48 hours and then give them away to charity. 

6. What is in my horoscope for the new year:

Read your yearly horoscope and predictions for the new year. See what guidelines hold for you and what surprises the stars have predicted. Just you should know, what your zodiac sign is and begin the search. Always remember, whatever the stars hold for you, you have the power to alter your destiny. The important thing is we need to try.

7. A Sweet new year: 

In India, we always begin a new thing with a sweet. Begin this new year with some sweets of your choice and wishing that the new year will bring us more sweet memories and moments. Eating some foods like cabbage, lentils, round fruits, pomegranates, grapes, black-eyed peas etc are believed to bring luck. Try these foods, if luck knocks the door, it is great otherwise our bodies will receive some vitamins and proteins. What’s the big deal!

8. Red and Yellow:

Wearing Red clothes for love and passion and Yellow clothes for happiness and growth is believed to be lucky in some cultures. The colours red and yellow has much significance in Indian culture. Add a little bit of auspiciousness to this new year with these colours. 

9. Importance of 12:

The new year begins at the clock stroke of 12. Twelve is an important number. Some believe that the first twelve days of January symbolize twelve months. Remaining happy for the first 12 days is considered to be auspicious for the next 12 months. If it is not possible for 12 days, try to be happy for at least 12 hours. Happy days or Happy hours that is your choice. 

10. Burning the bad:

Winter is the season which welcomes the new year and year by year cold climate is increasing in India. Why not use this opportunity to welcome the year with a bonfire. Build a small bonfire on a chilly winter night and enjoy the warmth of the fire with your folk. Gather some hot coffee and cosy blankets and get ready to burn your bad memories.

Take a piece of paper and write down your pains, the memories or feelings which you want to get rid off. Make sure that you want to kick them away from your life. After you have listed make an affirmation that You want to start the new year with fresh enthusiasm and positiveness and burn the paper in the bonfire. Imagine as the paper burns, you burn your negativity and pain.

This symbolizes of burning, bad of the past year and welcoming good in the new year. 

So, folks, these are some new ways to celebrate the lovely new year. Have a blessed and happy time!


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