Five Foods for a lazy weekend

Is laziness allowed on weekends? Why not? I am lazy on weekends and after working hard for 5 days, I have only two days as weekends and in that two days also, if I have some personal errands to run on Saturday, then definitely I become a lazy bird on Sunday and not in a mood to cook. I am writing this article from my personal experiences and wanted to share with others. So, Lazy birds, let’s see what foods can we have on a Lazy weekend…

1. Bread and Sandwiches: 

If you want to cook breakfast or a snack in less than 15 minutes, then bread and sandwiches will come to your rescue and accompany you in your laziness. These are the staple breakfasts. Any simple spread will go with bread and becomes a yummy sandwich. It can be a simple mixed fruit jam, cheese, peanut butter, veg masala, non-veg filling. If you do not want any spread, then a simple butter bread toast will help.

Within 5 to 10 minutes, your sandwich will be ready and you can have a lazy breakfast. I bet your mouth will not be lazy in tasting this food. Build as many sandwich stacks you want and have a mouthful breakfast.

2. Eggs:

Egg, small in size but high in nutritional power. It has high protein, fats, iron, vitamins, minerals so many nutrients packed in its small shell. If you want breakfast with combo nutrients which is easy to cook, then this option is the best. The most wonderful fact about this item is that it becomes a tasty side dish but does not need any other side dish. It itself is a complete dish. Simply boiled eggs can be your breakfast. You can try different varieties of omelettes, scrambled eggs, egg fry, egg roast etc, according to your mood and taste and you can have a stomach full breakfast in less time. Simply fill your mouth with an egg bite and enjoy an eggy moment.

3. Battered Foods:

Recently I discovered a new word in food terminology i.e. “ Battered Foods”. What are battered foods? The food which is prepared by any batter is known as a battered food. The preparation of batter differs in time and consistency. One type of batter needs fermentation for a few hours and the other type is instant batter which can be prepared within 5 to 10 minutes. The fermented batter will come in handy for 2 to 3 days. The only need is that you should have batter prepared one day prior and you can prepare a wide variety of foods like pancakes, fritters, Idli, Dosa, Vada etc within 15 to 20 minutes. 

4. Instant Mixes:

Instant mixes or foods is the food which is a combination of the main ingredient like rice/flour/noodles etc with all the required seasoning mixed together and packed. Many varieties of instant mixes like upma mix, dosa/idli mix, chutney mix, Maggi noodles etc are sold in the market or we can prepare at home and store them so that these can be used as per directions, whenever we want. This type of food come in handy to working women/men or those who want to spend less time cooking and they can be cooked within 30 minutes. 

5. Rice with simple veg/ non-veg fry:

If you are not in a mood to cook a full course meal, then simple steam rice with any vegetable or non-veg stir fry is great. It takes only 30 minutes to cook this combo. The aroma of hot and piping rice and sizzling fry makes you more hungry and you can have a hearty meal on your weekend still being lazy.

So, folks, enjoy your weekend lazily with the above foods and have a relaxing weekend!


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